Why's Vidya wearing a diamond ring given by a fan?

Vidya Balan gets diamond ring from an admirer in Ahmedabad, while promoting upcoming film

Vidya Balan is now wearing a diamond ring. It's not what you think. The ring is from a fan! And no, the actress won't be wearing it on the ring finger of her left hand.

Take it or won't leave

Recently, when the actress was in Ahmedabad at Gulmohar Mall to promote her forthcoming film No One Killed Jessica, a besotted fan approached her and handed her a jewellery box that contained the ring.

Her admirer refused to leave till she accepted the gift. She chatted with him and posed for a few pictures too.

Wordy feelings

A source close to Balan confirms, "Yes, a fan gave her a diamond ring. But more than the ring, she was touched by the sweet poem he wrote for her, which he presented to her along with the ring."

The actress, a poet herself, was touched by the gesture. In her free time, Vidya pens poetry in Urdu.

She's a big fan of Gulzar saab and Mirza Ghalib's poetry and has long cherished a dream of publishing a book of her work.

The source further reveals that this is not the first time that the actress has received jewellery from one of her admirers.

"A few months ago, a guy left a pair of diamond earrings for her along with a letter, expressing his ardent love and admiration for her at the gate of her Andheri residence.

The letter was not signed. The actress was curious to know his indentity and kept asking people around if they had seen him but nobody had a clue."

The actress still doesn't know who gave her those beautiful diamond studs.

Courtesy: Mid-Day.com/ santabanta