Petal Meg fashion SHOW

WHEN? March 31, 2009, from 13.30 SLT (22.30 CET)
WHERE? At Best of Italian:
WHAT? Petal Meg's fashion show
WHY? Because Fuscia's jewels are not only unique, but real: if you like them in SL, you can even buy them online at Petal Meg's RL website.
WHO? We are waiting You. So mark your calendar and don't miss this fabolous show!

*OC* Golden and Silver Sexy tiger

*OC* Golden and Silver Sexy tiger by Elettra Gausman
it's a sexy dress with stunning textures, so detailed with deep neckline on the back and necklace inclusive.

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Have you ever wondered if there would be a contest in SL that was not solely based on beauty? Are you beautiful but also have something more to offer than just your looks? Much like in the real world have you wondered when true elegance, fashion sense, and poise will count?

Well... look no further. Starting now is your time to sign up to be part of a different type of competition where you are more than just another beautiful avatar. The competion is open to all female avatars in SL. Deadline is April 6th and there will only be 30 competitors chosen to go to the competitional judging round! ELEGANCE SL is not just about good looks. ELEGANCE SL is about your sense of styling, your taste, your concept of "Elegance" and how you apply it in different circumstances.

ELEGANCE SL is proudly brought to you by the Powerhouse of Italian fashions known as BEST OF ITALIAN Style. Annemarie Perenti, Owner, is always pushing the envelope to take her Italian sim to the next level. There are over 30 Italian designers that are a part of The BEST OF ITALIAN Style. The sim is devoted to bringing the high fashions of Italy into SL and it has continued to do this job magnificiently for more then one year. Some of the most well known SL Italian designers are part of the sim and its huge success in securing its place in the heart of SL as a place to see Italian fashion in its true form.

Annemarie is known for always thinking ahead to the next "big thing" and she and her talented staff are sure to make this a very exciting competition to be part of. This is one you definitely don't want to miss!


For more information regarding BEST OF ITALIAN Style, please contact Annemarie Perenti- Best Of Italian Style Owner, or Dahlia Joubert - Best Of Italian Style Event Manager.

Emerging Designers SHOW

Sorry for being late.... but we wanna just to remind you of a fantastic fashion show held in our lovely stage at Best of Italian: Emerging Designers was the name of the show, dedicated to some new names of the italian fashion business in Second Life. And believe me, was another hot event for all the fashionists present.


** Best of Italian **
BeStyle CALENDAR show
BeStyle Magazine February 2009 issue

Thursday March 13, 1:30 SLTime (21:30 Europe)
@ the Best Of Italian Fashion Center

The BEST OF ITALIAN is proud of inviting you to a special event. The presentation of the BeStyle 2009 CALENDAR and the BeStyle Magazine February 2009 issue.

When some of the best SL top models get together with some of the best photographers under the direction of a "Best" publisher such as Elettra Gausman, the result can't be other than a high quality artistic product : The 2009 Bestyle CALENDAR.

The event will be celebrated with a Fashion show of 12 outifst by some of the best fashion designers in SL, dressed by our lovely BeStyle CALENDAR models: Ivyana Szondi, Krystanna Wycliffe, Kay Fairey for FALL (outifts by Petal Meg/Odissey); Tiffany Dragonash, Gamp Lane, Gemini Hennesy for WINTER (outifts by Amanda Bolero); Agtaope Carter, Lainee Baxton, Sharron Schuman for SPRING (outfits by Brenda Clellon); Olyva Zenovka, Livia Mastroianni, Wenadrenia Soderstom for SUMMER (outfits by Elettra Gausman).

A party after the show with DJ Peris. Save the date and come visit us from 1:30 SLT (21:30 Europe) at the best of Italian Fashion Center!

BeStyle Magazine FEBRUARY 09 Issue

** February 2009 issue of the BeStyle Magazine **

In this issue the interviews with Thera Taurog, Electra Gausman, Sharron Schuman, and Mew Denimore.

You can find kiosks distributing the last number of BeStyle Magazine in the Best of Italian and Piazza Italia sims and in 470 more locations around SL.


There are so many skins in SL nowadays that feels like everything that could be done has been done. But I think there is still room for improvement. There is one thing I find particularly irritating in sets of skins. OK, let say I like a skin for its color and detailing, and I like red lips and natural color lips. Most of the times the skin with different lipstick color also comes with a different make-up. The eyes, the cheeks, the entire configuration of the face will make you look completely different. And I just wanted a different lips color!

When I told Sarissa Ho of Angels Skins about this, she immediately came out with a new simple idea. The LIPSTICK SERIES of skins: A skin that comes in a set of 5 different lips color, but identical in all the other details. The first of this innovating skins, REBECCA GOLD, is out on the market now.