Sonu gifts Salman a Rs 4 lakh high-end mobile phone

The actor gifts Salman Khan a Rs 4 lakh high-end mobile phone

At the success party of Dabangg, Salman Khan graciously removed his Being Human watch and gave it to Sonu Sood.

Sallu was impressed with Sonu's performance and wanted to give him a gift. Now Sonu has returned the favour by gifting Salman a high-end Vertu mobile costing around Rs 4 lakh.

A source reveals, "Sonu wanted to gift Salman something for a long time. He didn't know what to buy him till some one suggested a mobile phone.

Sonu thought of getting him the best in phones and hence got him a Vertu.

The phone is one of the high end models of the brand and Salman was extremely touched when he got the gift."

Initially, Salman refused to accept it, but Sonu insisted that he had to. The source adds, "Salman loves to give gifts.

He's always seen giving away watches to his friends. But he isn't that forthcoming while accepting gifts.

He felt Sonu's phone was really expensive and he kept trying to convince him to keep it himself. However, Salman finally accepted it."

Sonu was hesitant to elaborate on the gift.

"It's quite personal and I wouldn't like to talk about it." Sood's character (Cheddi Singh) in Dabangg got such a great response that Arbaaz has decided to retain him in the sequel.

What's Vertu?

Vertu manufactures high-end mobile phones for the luxury market. It is an independently run, wholly owned subsidiary of Nokia.

The mobiles are handmade from very expensive materials such as gold, sapphire, rubies and fine leather.

Each handset comes with a concierge key, through which the user can contact a team of lifestyle managers who will arrange for services such as gourmet dining, luxury travel or accommodation.

Source: / santabanta