Pantyless Yana gets boxes full of panties as new year gift

The Czechoslovakian born girl Yana Gupta of 'Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo' fame has received a unique New Year gift this year. The fans of the 31 year old lady gifted her several boxes filled with panties! However, Yana has taken this in her stride and said that she accepted them gracefully.

We all know the reason behind this gift. She was photographed in a charity event in Mumbai without any innerwear and the topic got spread among the media like wild fire. Her 'pantyless act' made her hit once again even though the photographer, the organizer and the item girl, were sued by a social activist.

So, Yana will remember the incidence forever in her life and will never forget her panties on any occasion. Moreover, these New Year gifts will not allow her to forget it throughout this year at least.

Yana shared about her New Year gifts on the micro-blogging site Twitter saying that she can start her New Year safely with those unusual gifts and she even thanked her fans for those boxes.

However, one thing is sure that Yana will not require buying panties for this year as her fans have gifted lots of those to her on the first day of the year itself. She will have lot of choice and variety to select from for various occasions!

Source ;santabanta