Mad props to The Uniform Project

ACCESSORY DETAILS: Batwing cloak by Mundi, one of the designers representing Iceland in a competition of sustainable design as part of the Fashion Summit during COP15. Twenty designers from the Nordic countries competed on a sustainable runway show organized by NICE in association with C.L.A.S.S. Mundi cloak worn with hand-knit corsage as hat donated by Dennice Mankarious, and vintage boots stolen from Scary :-)

Recently I was at an opening and happened to take a photo of this girl (which you can see in an earlier blog post) and when I complimented her on her ensemble I was told the dress she was wearing was part of The Uniform Project and that she was wearing the same dress every day for a year! (well technically it's 7 identical dresses -because one would get a bit funky!) My first thoughts were "how is this possible?" and "how much money she must save". But this is not just a genius experiment in accessorizing but a brilliant fundraiser for schoolchildren in India. And if you donate this month E-bay will match your donations. So CLICK HERE to go to Musings and learn more about The Uniform Project, Sheena Matheiken who is wearing the dress and Eliza Starbuck who designed it as well as more ways that Sheena accessorized her dress.

ACCESSORY DETAILS:Bubble scarf and striped military pants donated by Esther Chung. See more of her creations at Vintage granny boots from Flute, Brooklyn.