Facebook Pakistani Girls

Serious safety defects in some of the most popular games communication site Facebook. Many site users spend much time in the games page and the case is considered serious. Now it has been shown to be sensitive personal data have been sold to well-known advertising companies, without the consent of users. Millions of girls from Pakistan and India play popular games Facebook and are not exempt from Pakistan and India U.S. Wall Street Journal altostrati a veil of security outlook last week.

According to the paper have relatives 10 most popular games sold by identity cards which continue, even though the person has had their pages as closed to outside as possible. Among the games that have broken the rules are Farmville, Texas holder poker and Frontier villa. Security Brest Circle is in violation of official rules, and Facebook has a giveaway magazine raised questions about the physical capability of managers Facebook to guard the safety of its users.

The personal information using commercial companies to send targeted ads to the audience the best hognuts any time.  Facebook executives have now drawn on a plan to block all the games that have broken the rules but the company puts much of himself to count users of the belief that users' personal information will not be misused.