Saying Tattoo on Women Body

Saying Tattoo on Women Body

People have asked me questions on sayings tattoo, e.g. what phrases to have, where to get them, how to get sayings tattoo in other languages….etc. As I dig into this topic more, I have discovered these useful tips.

1. Language

The majority of sayings tattoos is in English. True, English is an international language so it is natural to see why English phrases are so popular. Your expression can be easily understood by others. However, there is no reason why you should limit your choice. In today’s trendy world we all love diversity, rarity and novelty. Don’t we? It is fun to have your sayings tattoos in another language. Consider these exciting possibilities:

  • Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Thai.
  • Western Language: Latin, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Greek.
  • Other languages: Hebrew, Hindi, Yiddish, Arabic.
  • Indigenous languages of Australia
  • Aboriginal language of America or Canada

2. Your Expression

The common concern for tattoo lovers is to find the right saying for themselves. Many people ask the eternal question “Can you please find me a suitable phrase for tattoo?” I answer is “you need to do some work yourself first”. After all, it is your ink, your expression, no one understand this better than yourself. I have two suggestions that can help.

  • Culture / countries: focus on quotes from different cultures around the world, just like what I have done here, e.g. Indian, Chinese, Greek, Buddhist quotes or phrases.
  • Purpose / desire: look for quotes classified under different categories, e.g. faith, action, wisdom, forgiveness, anger, friendship, funny, love, nature, time, etc.