Hair Stories: To Shave Or Not To Shave

Cassie Ventura, Lala Vasquez and Keyshia Cole all took the plunge and shaved one side of their head!
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It used to be that the ultimate hairstyle statement for a woman was to shave your head bald (or close), but these days celebs have put their own twist on the avant-garde style. If your not sure that you, or your head shape, can pull off a completely shaved look, ease yourself into the style by going partially bald first. Cue Cassie Ventura, Lala Vasquez, Keyshia Cole, Raven Symone and the pioneer Kelis. They've all put their unique interpretation of the style by adding hair dye, patterns, track lines and even ultra girly curls on the side of the head still with hair.

If you're going to try this style be prepared. Stock up on bobby pins to stop your long sided hair from falling across the border. Also, invest in a good pomade to keep your shaved side neat and frizz free. As always, keep your hair healthy with a good conditioner like Carol's Daughter's Tui Leave-in and Creme of Nature's moisturizing shampoo. So come on ladies, do Grace Jones proud and get the clippers out!