ELEGANCE SL - First Night Selections

The Best of Italian's Elegance SL Competition will begin with a bang on April 13th at 1:30pm SLTime (22:30 Europe). The long awaited much buzzed about competition is set and ready to raise the standards of typical beauty pageants in SL.

The theme for the first night will be "Sex And The City," and with a theme like that you know it will be hot! There are 45 contestants who are waiting to blow the lid off and show SL how true elegance, fashion sense, and poise will count heavily in this competition. ELEGANCE SL is about your sense of styling, your taste, your concept of "Elegance" and how you apply it in different circumstances.

Elegance SL will have three days of judging contestants and one grand finale. The three days will include 15 contestants per day the dates are April 13th, 16th, and 20th each will be held at 1:30pm slt. The grand finale, where the winner is chosen, will be April 24th at 1:30pm slt. There will be an assortment of themes per each event date, which will be very entertaining for the crowd.

The judges are some of the most recognized names in SL who have excelled in each of their various fields. In no particular order here are the judges: Annemarie Perenti (Owner of Best of Italian Style and Piazza Italia), Dahlia Joubert (Model for Evane, NOCTURNE, Made in Italy Fashion, Elegance and Event Manager for Best of Italian Style), Rusch Raymaker (Owner of AVENUE INC which is the umbrella company for AVENUE Models, AVENUE Magazine, AVENUE Models Academy, AVENUE Studio, and Stylissimo), Frolic Mills (Owner of THE BEST OF SL MAGAZINE, THE BEST OF SL BOULEVARD, BOULEVARD MODEL AGENCY, MISS/MR VIRTUAL WORLD ORGANIZATION, and BOSL AWARDS), Cherie Parker (Owner of Exclusive Studios), Suzi Phlox (Co-owner of LeeZu Baxter Designs), Dousa Dragonash (MBC News TV Reporter), Queen Watanabe (Manager of Bogart's Dance Club and Shops), and last but certainly not least Elettra Gausman (Owner of ORAGE Creations). If you are looking for a must see event for the month of April, this is definitely one you don't want to miss!

For more information regarding BEST OF ITALIAN Style, please contact Annemarie Perenti- Best Of Italian Style Owner, or Dahlia Joubert - Best Of Italian Style Event Manager. Media wanting to interview or setup appointment with Annemarie please contact.

Dates: April 13,16,20,24
Time: 1:30pm slt. per event
Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/BEST%20OF%20ITALIAN/125/124/25