Best and Worst for 2005

From the latest issue of People magazine comes the best and worst dressed of 2005. Nicole Richie, Lindsey Lohan, Beyonce Knowles and Heidi Klum top the list while Paris and Paris win worst dressed couple. Jennifer Lopez goes from best in 2004 to the worst in 2005 and the award for biggest trendsetter goes to Sienna Miller, who single handedly brought back such styles as the denim vest. Personally, I love how she mixes her vintage collection with modern designer pieces. Jessica Simpson wins for her all American girl look and with the release of her hit movie “Dukes of Hazards” has taken over the role of Daisy Duke with her ultra sexy short shorts. Finally, some of the biggest and best trends on the list were chucky necklaces, big bags, oversized sunglasses, and cowboy boots. Stay tuned for more celebrity fashion trends.